pattern_distance(w1: str, w2: str, map_name_dfa: Optional[dict] = None, densities: Optional[list] = None, infinity: float = 100000, normalized: bool = False) float[source]

Computes the pattern distance between two strings.

  • w1 (str) – The first compared string.

  • w2 (str) – The second compared string.

  • map_name_dfa (dict) – Maps each pattern name (str) with its corresponding Automaton.

  • densities (list) – A density vector. See make_densities().

  • infinity (float) – The infinite distance.

  • normalized (bool) – Pass True to get a distance between 0.0 and 1.0 (resp. between 0 and len(w1) + len(w2)) if it is normalized (resp. not normalized).


The corresponding distance.